Saturday, August 27, 2011

babes to ewes!

Well they are 4-5 months old and look fantastic! Great additions to
my flock. Soon to come Black and White spotted Icelandic ram lamb!
From friends Lloyd and Carolyn. They gave me a house warming gift
Lil' Orphan Annie.   She's huge now! Polled Icelandic 4 months old
 Annie weaned herself from the bottle at 60 days There was more
important stuff to eat--Lamb Pellets!

The Bling Sisters  twins Sugar and Spice Finn/Shetalnd 4 months old
Both parents spotted!  From Gail

Huge Gem  massive and heavy soft fleece Shetland 5 months old
Parents are Butte and Nugget Both Gail  breeding

And lastly uncooperative Lolly wants to look straight at me, no broad side photos of her!   Flashy Lollipop Shetland 5 months old  from Butte and Poppy 

I am a big softy at heart  There is grass out there, but I think its lost
its feed value.......Ah a good excuse to put the flock on half ration of
hay. Trsut me they love the idea! I have had sheep for most of 15 years
and they snooker me early every fall!

Till next time  "May the wind always be at your back, the road rise up to
meet you, may the sun shine upon you and until we meet again may the Lord
hold you in the palm of his hand"


Michelle said...

Lots of pretty girls there. I just love my sheep! And to think it took me until my 40s to discover them.

Thanks for the blessing at the end, Jerry - and right back at you!

Gail V said...

Pretty babies all, Jerry. Your pleasure in them is obvious.