Saturday, August 6, 2011

New girls!

This afternoon we meet Gail in St Cloud. I got 6 new ewes, The infamous BlueBell, November, Snap, HST Abbie and twin HST ewe lambs 1/2 Finn1/2 Shetland Sugar and Spice. Spotted or spot carrying! Exciting time in my flock. As always, Gail's ewes are exceptional in size and fleece. I am very pleased. Everyone is getting reacquainted. A few non Gail ewes are going to a good friend's my entire flock is Gail's stock.  Gail's orange button ear tags can be seen everywhere. If you are looking to start a flock. Get ewes from Gail, you can't go wrong. They're the best. 
pictures courtesy of Gail Von Bargen of Little Red Oak Shetlands
Sugar and Spice (I am having camera trouble) so here's their baby picture

During lambing my granddaughter Nessie sat with the lambs, A ram lamb was friendly and at a day old he lay next to her.  She could pet him........**Caution**  as a babe he wasn't afraid of people......he was fun as a young lamb, would lay in her lap as she pet him.....Well fast forward 4 he's all ram, big horns and  he is butting (tho we never pushed on his head and pet him on top of the head)  One evening, I am here alone now, he knocked me down I got up and he came at me again, I called close neighbors and good friends. They came right away and took him home. He will be supper soon.  So no ram for this fall's breeding.  Neighbors said if I help with worming and sorting out the lambs, they will give you a Black and White spotted Icelandic polled ram lamb, a gorgeous lamb. Lambing 2012   it will be a fun and colorful !!



Michelle said...

A cautionary tale about the ram lamb to be sure, Jerry! That's why all the shepherds I respect say NEVER make friends with ram lambs!

Gail V said...

Jerry, you should've told me. I have a half dozen ram lambs here who I could've thrown in for free!
Shetland at least, if not Finn!

Gail V said...

Oh and Jerry, you should tell readers that November is fat with twins in that photo! She's much more svelte now!

Kelly Bartels said...

Agreed........unfortunately, they always seem to tend towards the friendly side and not the ewes. lol
I think it's part of their plan to stay put.