Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meet My New Ameraucana Chicks and my Clan!

They hatched of Thursday. Granddaughter Nessie was here to watch them. We got a dozen healthy big wildly marked chicks.........Feathering out will be exciting.......watching for blue feathers.....I got the type and sky blue eggs down pat now for ones with blue feathers

To help it along........a bought a young pair of Blue Wheaton Ameraucanas to cross into my flock
Meet  Boy Blue
Fancy Feathers (yes Nessie named her)  She has a lot of blue feathers on back more than she should but  for my breeding goals She is ideal
The chicken math gone wild.......32 Ameraucana eggs to hatch July 19th.........Sunday I am setting 20 more eggs,  in 10 days the last batch.......of 30 or so eggs that will give me enough to pick out my blues. My Silkie trio has 18 chicks,,,,,and one hen is laying a nest full again.......""here a chick there a chick every where a chick chick Old MacDonald had a farm.......""

To show you its not all sheep and chickens, On Sunday the 3rd we had a Freedom Party at my mom's
Meet is the Fletchers  [my dau Jess and husband Dave were at his dad's]

left to right Me, nephew Mike in shades, my grandson Ryder, dau-in-law Anna, son Ryan holding Tucker, my grand niece Leslie, granddaughter Nessie, Mom and grand niece Savannah

My sister Jeanne
My daughter Jess
 My niece Heidi and finance' Mike

 Having way too much fun and wouldn't have it any other way!

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Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Such a lovely family, Jerry. Hope your two new girls are settling in nicely.