Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My computer/telephone line for my computer got hit by lightening early Frday mornign I was gone to my mom's overnight. Came home to elctricity out in half the house, yes one incubator was off......reset the circuit breakers...... It burned out the phone jack, the internet provider box, my tower..I could have had a fire! Later I would learn my monitor and my keyboard destroyed as well........five days without my computer.......I had serious withdrawl symptoms!

Back on line I purchased a used rebuilt computer......with New windows.....got to learn somethign new.....recovered my pictures and documents. lost my email address book and my user friendly Microsoft picture editing program.........its too old to reinstall....ah crap!  So its been quite a week. Saturday I brought home two new shetland ewes.....5 yr old black black renamed "Cinders" and her 2 yr old dau black Ag gray renamed 'Ashes'  Both are drying down well and love my overgrown pasture.....4 acres pasture, lots of rain so lots of grass and only 7 ewes and 4 lambs to eat it down....grazing them till late fall.

I should be hearing chicks peeping by now..its all quiet   Hmmmm.......I hope some hatch out of the 32 eggs!

Stay in the shade if you can!


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Hi Jerry,

So sorry to hear about your computer/phone problem. I'm glad your house is safe!

I bet Cinders and Ashes just love all that space to roam! I hope they do very well for you!

Becky Utecht said...

Sorry about your computer Jerry, I know it would be hard to go 5 days without it! And then to have to learn all new software programs is kind of a pain too.
Did you get Cinders and Ashes from Patty Schmidt?

Jerry said...

I got two nice ewes from Sabrina,
Named Sian age 5 and Leil age 2, my granddaughter couldn't say their names so we named the black Sian "Cinders" and her gray dau "Ashes" Very tame, very friendly gentle ewes They are enjoying my overgrown 4 acre pasture with plenty of shade trees, My small flock hasn't put a dent in the grass and its alomst August!