Saturday, July 2, 2011

Get in or get out!

I decided if I was going to keep chickens I needed adequate space or not keep them. ...hey who said that?!  Of course I am going to keep chickens.......So I built a 8ft wide x16 ft long and 7 foot high pen--varmint and cat proof. As you walk into the barn you see the north side.
The south end is a big a window for plenty of sunshine. Long side is the side of the sheep pen.
A picture of the Silkies.....i
A roo, 2 hens and their 18 chicks. Yes one hen had 7 and the other 11 chix! The 2nd pen is for the Ameraucana chicks. Eggs from Flash2 and his hens.  24 eggs due July 8,   32 eggs July 18-19  and the 3rd incubator (of course there's 3 bators) will be set with 24 eggs to hatch August 1st
This year is 50 years of chickens....just think of all the pens I have built and all the different varieties of chickens/banties/ducks/geese Oh and rabbits  too 3 times>>>>
Have a great 4th

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