Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shut the door!!

Its been extremely cold here in the Northland. Last night -18* with a brisk west wind...wind chill of -44, We are a hardy bunch but come on....! Enough already.  I enjoyed and envied Michelle's garden pictures of her new growth of parsley, crocus and rhubarb. Ours is under six feet of snow!
I have all critters locked in the barn. Nice days the sheep are out for the day to enjoy the sun, Little to enjoy the last coulple of days  This afternoon I took my camera to the barn. Sunshine coming in all the windows made the barn bright and cheery.......enjoy
View for the gate:

Ewes eating hay, Maybeline coming up to see if she can finagle a treat
The chicks are now pullets!  Eight Blue Laced Red Wyandottes and four Production Blacks
My BLRW breeder flock  "Beach Boy" and his 5 Splash hens enjoying a bit of scratch grain before sundown
Shearer is coming Feb 17 during our predicted warm spell Suppose to be sunny and 36*
Lambs start March 25th

Till later

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Gail V said...

Half my sheep are shedding fleece, as some did last year. I'm wondering if I need to move my shearing date up-- I always wait till end of March, early April-- I lamb a month later than you.
But hey, when they are losing fleece on all the fences-- maybe I should get it off first by shearing!