Friday, February 4, 2011

Picture Day! Meet my Fabulous Eight!!

Miss Poppy bred to spotted Brewster, Poppy stands as if she knows she is special! And she is!

Tulla, my ewe lamb out of Bella. Tulla was born brown spotted, the Ag gene turned her fleece an oatmeal color. Tulla is bred to spotted Brewster

Flashy Bella. Spotted ewe with longer fleece in mioget. bred to spotted Brewster.

The remaining ewes are bred to Chocolate Bar.
 Mama May The ewe that started the 'all Shetland' flock. A white fleeced 'black' ewe

 Nugget. A sweetheart. Always ready for a cookie treat.
Palisade, good ole Pal. She politely waits her turn for a cookie. Her look says "Do you have a cookie, now?"

 Tinkerbelle lambed as a yearling......last Spring. She is huge and is the same size as Yarrow.

Last but certainly not least Yummy Yarrow....Gorgeous ewe with fancy fleece..She is granddam to Miss Polly, and a daughter of Gail's BlueBell. 
All my ewes are lap sheep. I like my sheep to crowd around me for chin scratches and cookies. Ewe lamb Tulla tries to act all scared and aloof, but last night for the first time,  she nibbled on a cookie--from a very safe distance of course!
Till later



Gail V said...

Hi Jerry
love to see my old girls getting spoiled up at your place. That Tulla was (I think) out of Lamb's Farm Starbright who was wild as the wind! She never sweetened up here, so it's good to hear she's coming around to cookies.

Gail V said...

Jerry, you seem to have retained the ewes with the densest coats (excepting Pal). You know, Poppy got sheared 2x-- April and June. I wonder if most of yours might get sheared 2x/yr, especially if they have a barn in winter? You'd get nice clean fleece in maybe, September? and they'd still have enough for warmth all winter.

Gail V said...

It was Bella, not Tulla, that was lambed here at Little Red Oak, thanks for the correction.

The Merry Inhabitants of Hut on the Hill said...

Yummy Yarrow is a great name and she has the prettiest face ever!