Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Doe pics!

No the Shetlands have not taken a back seat, its just that I like to take pictures. The seller sent me pictures from the Fair. Shilo and Anna are beautiful does and I feel humbled to have them in my barn, Remember I tend to hover. My life is exactly on target. I have all day to putz with my Ameraucanas, Splash Silkies....a pair, 12 four month old chicks. The hen is setting on more eggs (some are from my Ameraucanas)  My the-way-I-like-em Shetlands and 2 dairy goats. I should have been born in the time of  self-sufficient farmers on tiny acreages raising their own food.......a team, a milk cow, chickens...you get the idea. A Pioneer I guess.

Shilo Fair 2008 


Shilo - Fair 2010 she is not set up 
correctly at the moment
but look at her beautiful udder

Shilo in my barn 
She wants me to pet her when I walk by

Anna at the Fair, showing her fantastic udder 


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