Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Fall Line Up Gorgeous Ewes

The drafts and trades have been done. The team is a gorgeous group of ewes. I took pictures of the team players. They sure look nice. Great ewes and rams. I would like to thank Becky for May, Corrine for Brewster, Garrett for Shasta and Choco, Terri for Nugget and Bella (both origianlly for Gail) and Most of all Gail  for the other 7!.......for making available such beautiful ewes. Gail is a great friend -emailing all winter, discussing Shetlands and which ewes she would sell to  "a very good home". Thanks again Gail
I will lead with fancy brood ewe
Yarrow -06 


Bella's Tulla - 10

Tinker - 09  Lambed at 12 months

Tinker's Ram Chocolate Bar- 10

Nugget- 05

Shasta- 05

May- 05

Splash- 09  Lambed at 12 months

Poppy - 09 lambed at 12 momths

Poppy's Pansy - 10

Palisade- 04

Choco- 08


Gail V said...

I love seeing my old girls on your blog, Jerry. Congrats too on the great new ram from Corinne. You should have a whole lot of lambs hopping around in the springtime!

Garrett808 said...

For some reason your blog wasn't on my list on my blog so i've missed pretty much everything!

I only saw two girls of the six, do I dare ask where the other girls went?

Tarissa said...

Hi there!
I'm just an online blog browser. =) I randomly came across your blog, and was overjoyed when I saw what you write about!

I love sheep, although we don't have any. Maybe one day I'll get some. I enjoyed seeing your pictures that you posted. Why do sheep have to be so woolly & cute?!

Well, I have a feeling that I'll be stopping by often to see any new posts. Have a nice day!
~ Tarissa