Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He's here!!

I wanted a spotted Shetland ram. Corinne Russo blogged about Brewster, a beautiful ram lamb, gorgeous fleece, good tail, broad build, a stunner  but with only one testicle. As my flock is unregistered, I contacted Corinne right away!  Brewster lived in SE Iowa- quite a trip from Alexandria MN----Corinne knew Garrett--so do I. Garrett said he would haul Brewster back from the Jefferson Sheep and Wool Festival in six weeks. Great!........then I waited and waited...Patience is not one of my virtues........today finally came.
Brewster is everything Corinne said he was and more.  Good size and frame, stout back legs, gorgeous fleece and his spotted Wow!
I tried to get a new "off the truck" picture...my camera died...plus it wouldn't be fair to Brew as he has travel
SE Iowa to Eastern Wisconsin and then to Western Minnesota-- a lot of miles. New pictures will be posted when he is rested and filled out .  Pictures courtesy of Corinne  Special Thanks to Garrett for his care and hauling!
Next Spring I will have lambs like this running about!! (Brew baby pic)



corinne said...

I am so glad that you are happy with him and that he has a good home. I look forward to seeing lots of spotted lamb pictures in the spring!

Ok Acres said...

Congrats!!! I loved this little ram when I went to pick out my ram lamb from Corinne, so glad he's found a good home with you. He's grown inot a very nice boy and should give you a lot of "lite up" lambs.

Jerry said...

I like to take pictures so I will definitely have several lamb pictures to show off! Now to decide when to lamb......mid March or wait till April 1st?

Gail V said...

Totally, totally handsome boy, Jerry. You should have some very nice spotted lambs next spring, as so many of my ewes carried them, if they didn't have them.
I'm happy for you.