Friday, February 26, 2010

Flash and his harem

I keep Easter Egger chickens for their many colors. It makes for a colorful flock.
The blue eggs are a bonus. Flash is a beautiful Americauna rooster. He was a rescue from the
butcher block. I got him form a friend, he was too pretty to eat. He is tame.
Two weeks ago, we found him 9 EE hens. They settled in easy and continued to lay.
(a little overboard) I have a bunch of chicks 5 weeks old, 22 st run EEs and 3 Blue Copper Marans pullets. TheBlue Coppers should across well with Flash, T
he theory is "to see what I can get"
Ah with the sheep too. The markings and colors combos are endless.

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Becky Utecht said...

Hi Jerry, Flash is a beautiful rooster. Good thing you saved his neck and got him some hens. Our hens are laying like crazy again, and some really BIG eggs now that some are older. Glad to see you've started up a blog, it will be nice to keep up on how the ewes are doing. Our shearing is coming up on the 8th.