Thursday, November 24, 2011

Have a Great Thanksgiving!!

Cous Sue is picking me up. I will be enjoying the day with my cousins, aunt and uncle! 28 of us talking, laughing and eating.
Aunt and Uncle 50th wedding anniversary with their family,,,,,,,,my cousins with families...

I am bringing my scalloped corn....not for the calorie counters, 3 can cream corn, 3 cans whole kernel corn, one pack of saltines crushed, 1 stick melted butter, 5 beaten eggs,  1/2 pound cubed Velvetta....I bake it in the corck pot cassarole for 3 hours... when done put it in the crock pot base on lower to keep it warm....its always empty by the end of the day!

Enjoy the day   I am thankful for family!


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