Sunday, February 12, 2012

Great party

Last night was a joint birthday party for my Uncle Ralph and Auntie Ione. Auntie was 70 and Ralph will be 75 soon. Their five kids organized it. Big Crowd...the advantage of living their whole lives in one spot. They have been married 53 years.  They are like my second parents as we cousins all grew up together.

Ralph, their niece (my cousin) Joan and Auntie

Yesterday morning Nessie got up at 4:50 AM [Gramps likes to sleep until itd st rlsdt light out, shhh 7- 7:30] So at the pary Nessie fill asleep by 8  SO I visited, listened tot he live music and held Nessie...not a hardship at all!
This morning Nessie took the camera and took some great pictures,


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